Two Anniversaries, One Linea Research

Letchworth, UK – June 2023 • UK manufacturer Linea Research celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. The professional audio company has also recently gained recognition for its innovative products and has been awarded the prestigious Kings Award for Innovation.

From its pioneering X-Pod modules to its M and C series amplifiers, Linea Research continues to define best-in-class performance, solidifying its position as one of the industry leaders. The expertise, experience, and genuine passion for Innovation, which has underwritten two decades of success, have been judged by the Kings Award panel as exceptional and worthy of the prize for Innovation.

Linea’s celebrations will continue as the team marks not just one but two highly significant milestones within weeks. Linea Research joined Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited last year and recently celebrated its first anniversary within the group. Linea has continued to enjoy remarkable growth with Focusrite, and their decision to merge deserves a celebratory toast or two, hinting at exciting prospects for the future.

Davey Smalley, Founder and Director at Linea Research, reflects on how far the company has travelled:

“As a kid at my hometown music festival, the acts were great, but I recall being equally fascinated by the amplifier LEDs bouncing away on stage. The blend of high technology and artistic endeavours inspired me, and 20 years ago, it led us to form Linea Research.

Since then, our company has become an internationally significant technology maker and supplied products to all corners of the globe (flashing LEDs included!). I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved, and that Linea Research powers the biggest stages, tours and festivals worldwide. What an incredible journey.”