Linea Research Withstands Hot and Dusty Desert

Black Rock (City), NV, USA – September 2022… Neptune Audio’s Albe Kohler tells us about his recent experience with Linea Research.  “We were introduced to Linea Research amplifiers back in 2019 and we’re big fans, they sound amazing and deliver a tremendous amount of power.”


The annual Burning Man is a special yet challenging event explains Kohler. “The amps held up to some gnarly and very dusty conditions. Powering a custom-built Neptune Audio system was a 44M20 for 4x subwoofers (tapped horns with B&C drivers), and a 48M20 for 4x three-way tops (all-horn, all B&C drivers). It was surprising how cool the amplifiers stayed. The weather was unforgiving this year, it felt like there were more whiteouts than in previous years, especially during build week and it was definitely one of the hottest years! Despite these conditions, the amplifiers and loudspeakers performed flawlessly, we never had a single issue or hiccup. Overall, the sound received a lot of compliments. It was clean, loud, and immersive, you got that under-your-skin feeling from a wide soundstage showering you with detailed highs and punchy lows without ever feeling overwhelmed.”