Linea Research Amplifiers a Staple for Success for Coral Canopy

San Diego, CA — August 2018 –  Opera NEO is a venture for the new generation of young opera singers created to prepare and inspire them to grow and perform at the highest level.  They are dedicated to educating the artists of the future and giving them opportunities to perform today.  For this years Summer Opera Festival and Workshop the group called upon Coral Canopy to further engage their audiences with unforgettable performances.  Coral Canopy with facilities San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego California counties bring the world of film, broadcast, stage and concerts, live production, orchestras, and theatre altogether under the same roof and design.

Enter Alan Chang of Coral Canopy, “When I first met with the Artistic Director of Opera NEO Peter Kozma in January, we discussed about the complexity and requirements of what this open-air outdoor opera concert series would need in order to give it a “full operatic experience.”  Three performances compact into two week’s timeframe is quite a challenge with two shows being held outdoors in an amphitheater.  Decked with a 40 cast size, a 40-person orchestra, sound effects playback, moving set pieces and a show changeover limited to only 2-3 rehearsals each performance is a challenge in itself.”

“I initially designed the system around several other brand amplifiers knowing that we would be providing a limited set of speaker reinforcement to the house and stage.  As we moved further into tech week the amount of speaker reinforcement grew by the day.  Now we’re needing a Left/Right main, subwoofers, stage monitors, backstage monitors, and FOH monitors.

Alan continues, “Nearing out of power as well as channels, I immediately placed our Linea Research 44M10 amplifier in line for mains duty and fired up with the same cables and setup.  The look on my face was speechless including several of the creative team members who immediately noticed the sound quality difference once the amplifier changeover had taken place.””

“The LR 44M10 provided a much smoother and tonal quality without any harshness nor distortion as compared to my previous choice.  As I further fine-tuned the settings for the speakers deployed, the entire system was snappier and cleaner.  This time there was more than enough juice to power our rig including the subwoofer altogether while I assigned our PLD for stage monitor and backstage duties.”

“The LR 44M10’s UI is simple and easy to understand.  It’s a dream to use once connected to System Engineer with it’s vast control of parameters to further adjust for our system.  it never occurred that we would run out of power nor run into distortion.”

At the end of the day, for Alan Chang, as he puts it, “it’s how Linea Research made a dramatic impact on sound quality compared to our previous amplifiers, and more in particular, the success of these performances.”