Innovative Management Technologies (I.M.T3CH) add Linea Research to rental inventory

Grant, FL, USA – January 2023… Florida based I.M.T3CH carries a wide and diversified inventory of PA and sound reinforcement products aiming to participate in a wide variety of events across multiple markets. They have recently added multiple Linea Research 44M20, 4 channel 20kW networked DSP power amplifiers to their stock, supporting their higher power applications. 

 I.M.T3CH Owner Anthony Patacer explains- “When it comes to sound reinforcement we can scale from smaller 300 patron events to larger 20,000+ patron platforms providing DJs, PA reinforcement, and power.  We’ve supported weddings, carnivals, parades, corporate address, stadium events, and the like for some time now.” 

 A unique aspect of our sound system is that we utilize multiple large horns to get our signatory sound.  We’ve modernized and currently tour vintage bass horns to include the classic EAW BH880’s, the KF940’s (Super Sub), the original Earthquakes, and the occasional EV HP9040’s, along with many others as part of our reinforcement model. Our team determined we needed an amplifier update that would complement our services, providing the power, performance, speaker management technology, and consistent reliability.  Linea Research became that resource in power amplification for us.”

With Linea Research Amplifiers as the new driver for our PA system, we’ve been successful in achieving exceptional holistic intelligibility, greater transparency of the sound, and better speaker management flexibility and control.

UK based Linea Research’s flagship 44M20 Networked DSP, 4 Channel power amplifiers are capable of delivering a total output of 20kW, coupled with 96kHz DSP, and networked control.