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  • System control & monitoring
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Powerful feature set
  • Four-Click Grouping
  • Multiple devices in view
  • No design file needed
  • OEM customisation

Podware is an all-new software package running under PC WindowsTM for setting up and controlling devices that are compatible with Linea's Obcom protocol.

It is a clean Object Oriented package using the latest development technologies yielding intuitive ease of use and all the features you have come to expect and more. Podware may be used for programming factory settings or configuring installations as well as the live control and monitoring of devices during use. Podware uses the ObCom standard throughout; it speaks ObCom natively with connected devices. These devices may be connected individually using RS232 or USB. When participating in a networked system, Podware can control many devices via Ethernet and RS485.

Podware is a precision tool for system control and is capable of being configured to display either single controls and indicators, full interactive device panels or whole network views. Indeed, when networked, Podware can display information and controls from multiple devices on the same page.

The Grouping feature in Podware allows multiple control over any number of devices, and it takes just four mouse clicks to create a group and have control over all the devices.